A Proactive Approach to Improve Resilience

Schools today face many challenges, from rising mental health issues, behavioural challenges and low pupil engagement, to increased parental pressures, unending paperwork and high levels of staff burnout; that doesn’t even take into account the difficulties schools continue to experience following the pandemic.

Mindfulness practices that have been relatively widespread in schools are falling short of expectations, and can be perceived by young people as being not relevant to the ‘real world’. It is also just ‘one’ approach that might not resonate with everyone, as evidence in recent research suggests that it neither boosts wellbeing nor improve the mental health of teenagers, who find it 'boring'.

Positive psychology offers a multi-faceted solution to relieve modern-day anxieties and build resilience, optimism and a positive proactive approach to mental health and wellbeing. When embedded into the culture of a school, with pupils, staff and parents using the same language, positive reinforcement, and a strengths focus, seeking to learn and understand each other, the results can be seen much wider than the school gates.

Our strategy uses the PROSPER model and starts with increasing awareness of Self, Others and the World around us, developing character strengths, values and purpose and meaning of each individual to create; Positive relationships, Resilience mindset, Optimism, Self-awareness, Perspective, Emotional regulation and Responsibility.

We offer consultancy, train-the-trainer sessions, coaching, INSET workshops and bespoke whole-school training tailored to the immediate and longer-term needs of the school. Our aim is to develop positive psychology ambassadors within each school and parent body, teaching practical tools and strategies that are easily woven in and out of the classroom. Pupil, parent and staff coaching is available for one-to-one and group sessions, to help embed these practices and support stakeholders to apply the evidence-based strategies to their specific situations.

Our training is not designed to be delivered and then forgotten about. We build long-lasting legacies that aim to inspire, excite and activate a new revolution of positivity, creativity and commitment to think greater, live better and work smarter.


"Scientific and useful, with some great takeaways for self-reflection."

"A rare opportunity to focus on self in INSET which ultimately benefits all - win win!"

"Really interactive. A great way of staff communicating at the start of term"

Here's what our schools say

"This training is an excellent way to learn how to step back from negative thought patterns - to help oneself and those we have contact with daily."

"Go in with an open mind and you will find it a very rewarding experience. It's highly interesting to recognise your key strengths and know how to use these."

"The negative thought traps were interesting. Very useful tool to use with children in class - a different way of thinking about behaviours."

"Very good training with useful actionable information."

"A super boost to get everyone started at the start of the term."

"Do it! You will learn a lot about yourself and others."

"If positive psychology teaches us anything, it is that all of us are a mixture of strengths and weaknesses. No one has it all, and no one lacks it all."



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