"We Aim to Halve Youth Mental Health Challenges in the UK by 2032"

Redefining Tomorrow Through Positive Education

At Positive Education UK & Ireland, we aim to halve the mental health struggles of our young people by 2032, by advocating for systemic change and collaborating with educational bodies and governments to embed Positive Education into the UK national curriculum by 2028. We believe by repositioning the focus on building engaged communities and tackling parent and teacher mental wellbeing, we can reverse the trajectory of children’s declining mental wellness.

Our Vision is to be the heartbeat of educational environments, seamlessly fusing innovative learning with emotional intelligence.

Our Mission

As AI grows, and smart technology opens new doors for innovation, it is crucial that a solid foundation for mental wellness permeates across the whole of school communities. If we don’t take targeted action now, the projected technological changes in education could result in broader divides, unprecedented staff burnout and parental pressure, increased crime rates and rising healthcare costs, and an ineffective, disengaged and siloed future workforce.

Positive Education UK & Ireland supports the development of resilience, optimism, and neuro-affirming cultures in and out of the classroom, strengthening psychological safety to establish sustainable, mental wellbeing for all. The resulting ripple effect has the ability to heal our world and positively impact the whole of society.

This is bigger than self-improvement; Positive Education is a collaborative legacy for our children and our planet.

Our Guiding Principles

Be Curious

Live Consciously

Look for the Good

Keep it Simple

Walk the Talk

"You can have anything you want if you are willing to give up the belief that you can’t have it."



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